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96.5 Inner FM

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96.5 Inner FM

A new sensation and Heart of Australia “96.5 Inner FM” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long.”96.5 Inner FM” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.


6.00 Breakfast Rose Lacey / Steve Newman
9.00 Morning Magazine Judy Bennett
11.00 Unforgettable Hits John of Hawthorn
1.00 New Grooves Adrian Hook
2.00 OLMC On Air Our Lady of Mercy College students
3.00 Listen to the Bands Fred Lenne
4.00 Drive on Monday Kevin Yates
6.00 Macedonian Show Zore and Bonne
8.00 Egyptian Show Jerry Guirguis
10.00 New Grooves (repeat) Adrian Hook
12.00 Music Overnight


6.00 Breakfast Roger Mazzon: Fourth Tuesdays
Greg King: All other Tuesdays
9.00 Morning Magazine Bob Clavan
11.00 Out of Time Peter McGrady
1.00 Mainly Trad Ian Smith / Geoff Tobin
3.00 Rotary in Action Various Rotarians Hosting
4.00 Drive Bob Clavan & Joanne The Elephant Lady
6.30 Legal News Paul Dellios (Hosted by Bob Clavan)
7.00 On Stage Kevin Yates
8.00 Out of Africa Mister Coxy
9.00 Musical Theatre Melodies Rob Morrison
11.00 Infectious Unease Gordon Taylor
1.00 Music Overnight


6.00 Retrolized Breakfast dave
9.00 Morning Magazine Peter Norwood
11.00 Readings and Writings Lucille Hughes
12.00 Take Two Lucille Hughes
1.00 Margaret’s Mix Margaret Cockburn
3.00 Drive Joseph
6.00 Take it Easy Jackie Maud-Cameron and David Miller
7.00 Midweek Country John Worth / Mick Pealing
9.00 Jazz at Nine John Crichton
10.00 Close to the Edge Peter McGrady
12.30 Music Overnight


7.00 The Breakfast Show Mick Pealing
9.00 Morning Magazine Margaret Cockburn
11.00 Brunch With Rose Rose Lacey
1.00 Kaleidoscope Rob Morrison
3.00 Platter Waxes Ron Lopes
6.00 Scouting Around Local Scouts
7.00 The Supper Club
Ken Petrucco / Russell Gurney

9.00 requestswithlove dave
11.00 New Grooves (repeat) Adrian Hook
1.00 Music Overnight


7.00 The Wild One Soozie Pinder
9.00 Morning Magazine Peter McGrady
11.00 Morning Concert Bill Watts / Peter McGrady
1.00 Women’s World Billy Young
2.30 The Playlist Marcus Benhamu
4.00 IGS Presents Ivanhoe Grammar School students
5.00 The Friday Sportsfest Pete
7.00 Nice and Easy
Adrian Hook / Peter Forbes / David Miller / Peter McGrady / Larissa Anderson

10.00 Dead Air! Chris Keating and DJ Swey
1.00 Music Overnight


7.00 All Happening Breakfast /
Breakfast with Kaos and Co John Smith and David Kuchmar /
Peter Forbes and Frank Hayes
10.00 Warmweather Simon
12.00 Saturday Express Ron Lopes
3.00 Saturday ‘Arvo Various presenters
5.00 Breakthrough Rock Pete & Joe
7.00 Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven Ilana Lyngcoln
9.00 The Krumba Crew Olga and Crew
11.00 Nick’s Mix Nick Juliano
1.00 Chilled Choons Merv Griffiths
3.00 Music Overnight


8.00 Worship on the Wireless Ron Jessop
9.00 The Wine Show Harry Heidelberg
11.00 Music Go Round Various presenters
12.00 That’s Entertainment Kevin Trask
2.00 Sunday with Sandra Sandra McCurdy
4.00 Local Theatre Various presenters
5.00 Folk and Roots Colin Fielding
7.00 Memory Lane John Gillespie
9.00 The Classic Hour DJ Swey
10.00 The Jukebox DJ Swey
12.00 Music Overnight

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