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Radio Didi Bahini Nepal


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Radio Didi Bahini

A new sensation and Heart of Nepal “Radio Didi Bahini” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “Radio Didi Bahini” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction. There is a special and different kind of approach for the music from every different Nation and culture and in the case of Nepali music its not any different case here. As Radio Didi Bahini is the radio that is more leaned toward presenting their listeners the best kinds of Nepali music around the clock.

About Radio Didi Bahini:

Radio Didi Bahini is the community radio run merely by the women which is broadcasted in 95.2 MHz from Parbat district. Though this radio has been entirely managed and operated by the women, there is a desirable contribution of the male members of the society when deemed necessary. The radio aims to enhance the capacity of the women, especially the disadvantaged group, through empowerment by ensuring their meaningful participation in the radio activities. We also aim to provide the information and communication related materials along with the resources linked with entertainment to the people of this area. The operation of this radio has been one of the innovations in the sector of communication in this geographical area, being managed and operated by women.
This radio is focused specifically to the four districts of Dhaulagiri zone by the geological perspectives: Parbat, Baglung, Myagdi and Mustang. But the coverage of the program transcends beyond. Dhaulagiri zone is popular for the places with religious, tourism and natural importance like Dhaulagiri Himal, the longest and highest suspension bridge in Nepal, various Himalayan ranges, Rupse Chahara, Andha george, temple of Muktinath, Dhorpatan Wildlife Reserve, Gupteshwor Gupha, Galeshwor Temple, and the Temple of Kalika Devi. This area is also admired as an attractive and entertaining place. The area has been diverse in terms of various ethnic groups like Magar, Thakalis, Newar, Gurung, Brahmans, Chhetri, co-called lower castes and the others. Major modes of life are agriculture, business and small scale industries and foreign employment is also one of the important parts for sustenance. The status of the human development index seems to be low as the position of education, health, development, technology in agriculture along with the rights of the disadvantaged remains as low scores.

Though, there are adequate medicinal plants in the region but the part of the utilization is not encouraging, there are places of historical, religious and cultural importance however they have not received proper attention and the place is admired for the classical folk culture but there lacks the sense of conservation. Radio Didi Bahini intends to fulfill this gap.

Radio Didi Bahini is a radio service that offers a third form of radio broadcasting beyond commercial and public service. We have been serving specific geographic communities and communities of interest, broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local/specific audience but which may often be overlooked by commercial or mass-media broadcasters.

We believe that community radio works in the cultural context of the community it serves. It deals with the local issues in the local dialects and activities are related to the local problems.As elsewhere, Radio Didi Bahini is operated, owned, and driven by the communities we serve and are not-for profit organization as well as provide a mechanism for facilitating individuals, groups, and communities to tell their own diverse stories, to share experiences, and in a media rich world, to become active creators and contributors of media.

Radio Didi Bahin Address:

Radio Didibahini
[email protected]

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